Microsoft headsets and Teams Acting up

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Users in my organization have been experiencing issues with teams. When connecting to a call with multiple user teams seems to hang up goes to a black screen sometimes they can hear the conversations but can not speak or see participants. Other times their Microsoft Bluetooth/USB wireless headset stops working with Teams and windows. So far the only work around I have found is switching to Bluetooth instead of the usb dongle. They are all on dell laptops, rebooting the laptops helps with the Teams issue connectivity issues but I like to figure out why they are happening in the first place. So far 7 users with similar issues over the past 30 days. 


Some other notes:

Not all are using the same dell model but they are all dell laptops.
Headsets are all the same - Microsoft Modern Wireless headset
Operating system on all of them is Windows 11

Windows Updates on individual machines are done as needed and not rolled out organization wide.




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