Microsoft has released 6 Power BI Reports for Microsoft Teams Call Quality Dashboard (CQD)



Good news, Microsoft has released 6 really useful reports that connect to Call Quality Dashboard data.


You can download them here:


I did a quick blog overview of what's in them and how to make them work here:


Thoughts, questions and feedback welcome!



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Hi @Tom Arbuthnot ,

Great sharing. I have been waiting for these so long.

I managed to download and uses these new PowerBI reports.

Anyhow, when I compare the data with CQD, the numbers have huge differences.

Am I suppose to perform any kind of configuration?

Thanks and stay safe.

Hello @Tom Arbuthnot ,   PowerBI are fantastic..  Give us different views that we cannot achieve on Teams CQD.  

We have noticed that reports always show the same data for Wired and WiFI records. Is there something we have to adjust?

Thank you,

@Tom Arbuthnot

Brand new to PowerBI, I just downloaded the GitHub zip file  It is in a PBIT format vs. PBIX. I get as far as the workspace creation and add files dialog. Any attempt to upload the data fails. What is the difference between the sources?

@DanDorgan you can use Power BI desktop load the pbit file and after you select publish and you can save as pbix. 

I've been trying to use these reports, but I've found that the performance is very slow.  For example, if I open any of the reports, it can take up to two minutes for the report to fully populate data.  Have others found the same?  If so, I'm wondering what you've done to resolve.  

@Tom Arbuthnot 

Great job! Thanks!

I was wandering about conferencing counts, it looks like it's just a total call count client:server and not a real count of meetings (that you can find in Usage report in Teams admin center). For the same meeting ID with 5 participants we will have 5 counts. Or I am wrong?