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Mandy Clark

Does anyone know who to contact about the sign up form>? I signed up last year and can complete the form multiple times but have still not got a 'welcome email - and yep I checked my junk mail folder: 0

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Hi Mandy,


Would recommend raising this in the Champions Corner under the Community Driving Adoption here in the Microsoft Tech Community. This is led by @Karuana Gatimu who runs the Champions program!


All of the Champions calls, resources and content are in the Driving Adoption forum in either the champions corner, or the driving adoption communities


To note, I signed up to the Champions program too, back in November. The email should come from so I would search for this address, perform a message trace and check if you have a third party filter. If I remember I had to do it a few times because I didn't get the email the first time I did it. I would do it a few times until you receive the welcome email from


Hope that helps and that I answered your question. If I did, please like this post and set as the solution. Anything else, let me know what more you need. Hope to answer more of your questions in the future and best of luck in becoming an Office 365 champion!


Best, Chris

RThank you sao much for this very helpful ;0 It wouldnt let me contribute to Champions Corner so assumed it was because Im not officially been accepted as a member but I'll get in touch with @Karuana Gatimu directly - again many thanks for your help!
Great! Feel free to reach out to me if you need any further help!

Best, Chris
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