Microsoft calling while roaming International

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Someone asked me below question  on my you tube video for MS teams calling . Please could advise me if this is allowed, my understanding was this won't be allowed as calling licenses are assigned based on user location . 


Question -Hello, what if I chose a phone number from the country that I am currently living in and then I move for a few months in another continent. Can still use teams and that phone number to call numbers from the country I come from ? Let’s say you live in Germany and go to Morocco, can you still use the same account (Germany) to call German phone numbers when you are in Morocco ? Thanks

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As long as you have data internet connectivity you can use the phone number as is anywhere in the world from that phone number. However some countries block voip services but only a handful.

All calls will be local for that phone numbers normal local calls etc. and long distance : international calling numbers outside its home country.