Microsoft 365 Teams Approval App Export Data

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we're using the Teams App "Approval" on Microsoft 365 to manage approvals with personalized forms and custom fields. In order to collect data input from users would be great to access to database tables where those data are recorded and export them for further processing.

Is there any way to collect form data inside Power Automate or other tool of Microsoft365?

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Hello @andreacocco5  If members of this community are unable to assist, you might reach out to the authors of this blog via the comments section: Approvals in Microsoft Teams, Now Generally Available - Microsoft Tech Community

@andreacocco5 If you haven't already, I would recommend doing a search at Browse Templates | Microsoft Power Automate with keywords "forms" and "approval" and see if anything comes up that appears to be relevant.


For example, the most popular template I found with that search is Send form responses for approval.

@Ryan Steele All of the data put into each Approval is located in FORMs.  It can all be downloaded into a CSV from the RESPONSES tab.

@jgossard  that's very helpful - I ran the export but now I cannot find the file in OneDrive.  I've searched for .csv files created today but there were none.  Do you know the file name or location it is stored in OneDrive? Thank-you!

Did you find it? im having the same issue, clicked the notification but where is it stored?
I did find it - after a little while it appeared in a new folder called "Approval Document" in "My Files" in OneDrive on the web.