Microphone works with Zoom but not Teams

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I have an external microphone (Rode NT3) that I was sent.


When I use it on Zoom, I get told the sound quality is great.


When it use it to record presentations through Teams, I can hear that the sound quality is great.


But if I use it for calls on Teams, people complain they cannot hear me properly and I have to switch away to other microphones.

I can't find anything specific to Teams in the Teams or Windows sound settings to sort this.


Any thoughts on how to improve sound quality in Teams would be great.

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Have you tried to turn off the Noise suppression that you find in settings?



@Linus Cansby Thank you. Just like in your screenshot, I seem to be on Auto, so I'll try switching off and see how I get on in my next call.

Had the same issue (but with a different microphone) on my Windows 10 (Lenovo Y700 laptop): mic audio quality in Zoom - crystal clear, in Skype and MS Teams - nobody could hear me (as well as in windows settings the mic level was not moving).


Playing with various software settings didn't solve it.


What solved it was a reinstall of Realtek HD Audio Driver (link: https://www.realtek.com/en/component/zoo/category/pc-audio-codecs-high-definition-audio-codecs-softw..., the driver automatically removes the existing version during installation). After that, the mic sound quality is crisp and clear across all programs.