MFA issues with teams

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hi all,


i have a very strange issue, my office365 account has mfa with app authenticator enabled.

everything works flawlessly .

except when trying to accept invitation from microsoft as guest, which from some reason redirects me to setup my mfa settings again. thanks for the help

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Microsoft is a different tenant than yours, and it also has MFA enabled. So you are using Teams in two different tenants, both requiring MFA. Take into account that when switching tenants in Teams, is like doing sign-out from the current tenant and sign-in to the other tenant.

i should sign to microsoft with a "microsoft account" ? like ?

you should sign with the account to which the invitation has been sent. Just remember: that account exists as "guest" in Microsoft tenant Azure AD, and probably also with MFA enabled.

well, lost you a bit, the invitation is to my account, i can see it within my teams. which i've logged into with mfa. it's the same account.

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So I think it's not an issue or strange behaviour, just configue MFA settings again for Microsoft tenant.

hi, well it's wasn't quite clear that i should setup a "new" account for microsoft itself tenant.


had added a mfa account for my microsoft(tenant)account. 

now it works !


thanks a lot for the help. 

Great, you're welcome. Please mark as good response, if it helped. Thanks.