Messaging between organizations and personal account

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Is there a way I can use Teams to chat to people who are using the Corporate Version of Teams to communicate with the version I am using (I have a Personal Account as well as a "Work" account, both are registered to with my email address - I think one is hooked to by Office 365 subscription).



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Yes, this is possible, you can either chat with Skype and Teams personal account from your corporate teams.

when you type in the email address that is either free Teams or Skype account it will give you an option on the team to search the users externally so you can add them, than will be able to either add them to Teams in Teams or directly chat/call them.

@PDostiyar I had one of my colleagues send me a message to my address and it "showed up in Skype"...  Not what I was expecting 

check if your subscription has Microsoft teams enabled or not? this doc will help you with what subscription you got.

@PDostiyar I get this error... 

@PDostiyar I have a similar issue... I have a Microsoft 365 personal account and am trying to invite people within corporate environments to Teams meetings and am getting an error saying "Scheduling meetings with enterprise or school accounts is not available yet."


Is there a way to do this?


I used Zoom until now, and worked seamlessly between any user of any type.