Messages still not showing in order under Teams

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My company has just started using Teams and I am seeing messages out of order in the Teams section.  I've seen previous posts about this but the latest one was a year ago so I'm raising the issue again.


This is a pretty basic flaw and I'm surprised that this is still happening.  Anyone still seeing this?  Is this a known issue?  Any resolution expected?


If this is another way to submit this issue, please let me know.  Thanks.



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Can you be more specific? Messages don’t stay in order by design in the channel and bump to the bottom if they get a reply. That’s why best practice is to reply to threads to keep them together otherwise messages will get all out of order in context.

Found that old thread with a solution that works for me: "This issue was occurring for me today. I noticed my system clock was not set to automatically sync, and my time was 3 minutes fast. I turned on time sync, sync'd my time, and then restarted Teams. Issue was fixed. Thanks."
Can you please share which thread this was? Thanks