Messages Posted by Flow Bot to channel disappeared

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I created Flow in Power Automate which sends message to Teams channel in Post area as Flow Bot




The message appears as it should




However after some time this message disappears. Are messages sent by Flow exist only temporarily?

Is it possible that some kind of policy set on Sharepoint / Teams / Power Automate side removes such messages automatically ?

I also notice that this may happen when I log off and log in to Teams. 

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That's not expected, bot messages should remain in the channel

@danieldr1475, I also noted the same issue. It appears in the desktop Windows version only, but Android mobile works fine.

It also happens when a user activates a few triggers which start posting a few messages at once (for example 5). Then the only one or two messages are shown in desktop Windows version of Teams.

Additionally: I deleted the app from my phone, wiped cache and data and reinstalled Teams again. And... it uploaded all the previous message history from the server, so all the past messages are still visible.

That means - the history is being stored on the server, though is not being shown either in the desktop or in the web app.