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I am new here and wondering if anyone can help. We have this week starting rolling out O365 to our department and have started using Teams but we have come across an issue with some users. What is happening is they will receive a notification that they have a new chat, there is a number against the chatbox on the left saying they have 1 unread message but when clicking on chat there is no new message there. It seems to happen when receiving a 1st-time message from someone (we've not had it long enough to see if happen in existing chats!).


I found this thread from last year which seems to say that this was potentially fixed but we are seeing this happen a year later, does anyone know if there is a fix in place or even an open ticket for this to be looked into?


Thanks in advance.

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If you can reliably reproduce the issue, open a support case.

Any luck with this?

All of the mac users on our team face a similar issue. It happens when one has both a mobile app and the PC version installed.

@sakalys I am afraid we didn't get a solution for this, it happened to 3 or 4 other people and then never happened again. We thought that what may have happened was the version we'd installed on the roll-out auto-updated and fixed the issue. 
I have seen it happen with the app and desktop versions too but I think that is just a sync issue between the two.

so what do you do

@Mason410, it started working after a few weeks. Maybe the version updated. Not sure what exactly.