Messages Disappearing on Microsoft Teams.


For some reason, I logged on to Team after receiving a message about someone messaging me in a chatroom.  when I log on to see the message, the message wasn't there for some reason.  I looked and noticed that the other messages that were posted the day before were also missing.  Any reason as to why this would happen, or does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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I have not seen this issue yet. Are you using the desktop client for Teams? If so, are you able to duplicate the issue logging into Teams on the web (


If you cannot duplicate the issue using the web version of Teams, I would say there is something going on with your desktop client and you may want to try to clear the cache from Teams. 


  1. Exit Microsoft Teams client by right-click on Teams from the icon tray and select Quit, or run Task Manager and select Microsoft Teams, and then select End Task.
  2. Open File Explorer and type in %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams.
  3. When you are in the directory, you must remove the files in the following folders.

- Application Cache - %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\Application Cache - Application files, cached CDN files ( JS,CSS, etc ) Locations

- Blob_Storage - %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\Blob_Storage (If there)

- Cache - %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\Cache - Web Cache for Electron(Images, JS files, Cookies, Profile Photos)

- Databases - %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\databases

- GPUCache - %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\GPUCache

- LocalStorage - %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\LocalStorage

- Tmp - %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\tmp


4. Restart the Teams client.


I hope this works out for you. 

@Jschm001 thanks, I have followed the steps you have mentioned, now I lost more messages than before. Luckily they are available on Teams web. 


@microsoft what is wrong with Teams? fix this ASAP.





I resolved a similar issue by signing out of Teams and then back in. This seemed to clear the cache and refresh it with the newest messages. Shutting down Teams and restarting the app did not fix it. I had to sign out.