Message Options Menu Items Change Position after Opening Menu to Edit Message

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At some point in the last few months or so, I started noticing that I (and others on our team) started accidentally pinning messages. I realized this was happening when clicking to edit a message. When you click the three dots to open the options menu for a message in a Chat, if you quickly move your cursor up to the Edit item to click it, suddenly the "More Actions" item will be added to the bottom of that options list, which pushes all the action items up in position:




The screenshot on the left is what the menu looks like immediately upon clicking the three dots options button. The screenshot on the right (to the right of the red line) is what the menu looks like about .5 to 1 second later. Note the yellow box showing that if you click where the Edit button was in the menu, you will end up clicking the Pin button instead if you click very quickly.


Why is this "More actions" button getting added after the menu is displayed on the screen? Please help us stop accidentally pinning messages and having to unpin them!


Here is a screen recording showing the issue as well.

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YEP. Agree that this started sometime in the last few months. It's like that More Actions menu is waiting on the results of a service call that is taking just long enough to respond to cause the issue. There's got to be a way to keep that menu steady even while the More Actions is still waiting for it's response from whatever it's doing.

Happens to me ALL THE TIME! Resulting in something like these in the chat (and it appears to be publicly visible?):

:pushpin: xxxxxxxxxx pinned a message.

:pushpin: xxxxxxxxxx unpinned a message.


This happens to me at least once a day - I go to 'Edit' and, just as I click, the option changes to 'Pin'. It's so frustrating. Please fix this!