Merging two teams

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Is it possible to merge two separate MS Teams including all their channels into one single team? 


Apologies if this question has been asked and answered before. I tried to look for it and haven't found the answer yet. 


Thank you. 

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No, unfortunately there is no “button” for this! File wise, it’s rather easy creating new channels and copy files between teams
I’ve been told there are ways via the graph to copy conversations But I don’t think it’s optimal today at least

While not quite the same as merging Teams, there is an effort to enable migrating channels across Teams--if that functionality gets implemented, you might end up with something that merges Teams by proxy. There's a request on Uservoice that Microsoft has been recently updated.

@Matt CoatsThanks for the link / post!  hopefully everyone that does the search for teams merge finds this and takes the time to vote too!

I would LOVE this option! We started using Teams when it was in it's Beta and we couldn't import current SharePoint sites so now our department has two since the update a year or so back when we could. It would be so helpful if we didn't have the two running.