Merging calendars with limited information

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Hi I work with two business entities under differing privacy needs. I need to sync my Google Calendar( used by one team) with my Teams Calendar ( used by my primary team). The Teams group only needs to know my blocked times on Google without knowing the details of the meetings.

For eg it is enough to know Friday 11-1230 Blocked for meeting but Not 11-1230 Friday Skype call with Acme Inc attendees,


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Hello @SKRao   The only suggestion I can make is for you to schedule your appointments in Outlook and mark them as private; no one will be able to see what the appointment is for, just that your calendar is blocked.  Unfortunately, the private feature isn't available if you create an appointment in Teams.


There is a request in Uservoice for that private feature to be added to Teams - you may want to vote for it: