Merge several Sharepoint calendars into one and show it in TEAMS

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I'm trying to set up an organisation within Office 365 based on TEAMS where we have about > 500 users at different responsibility levels, during Covid pandemic, it was a little bit chaotic as everyone used its own conception and I want to make a more coherent setting : here's the thing/kind of users i have

- normal user who is in one core-teams and several subject-related sub-teams

- advanced user who manage several sub-teams in different core-teams, he is only attached to one core-team

- coordinators for the advanced users of the core team 

- master coordinator for all the coordinators.

We wilkl all be working with TEAMS as the main app !!

what i would like to have is the following setting for the calendars :
the normal users sees the calendar of his core-team and the sub-teams of the core-team

the advanced users sees the calendar of his care-team and all the calendars of the other sub-teams

the coordinator sees the calendar of the core-team 

the master sees the calendars of the core-teams.

So what i basically need is a way to integrate several calendars into one and show this merged calndar for the relevant users ?

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Not sure about the merging into one calendar but I suppose you could have multiple SharePoint Calendar lists, permissions set accordingly, surface all Calendars on one SharePoint page, surface said page as a Tab of a channel in a Team.

I would expect the result to be that only the Calendar/Calendars that a user has access to can be seen.