@ mentioning in Teams Shared channels seems to be not working or unreliable at best

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Hi All,
For those that have been working and testing with Shared Channels how have you found @mentioning individuals? @mentioning the channel seems to work fine, but trying to @mention a user seems to not work.

Is anyone aware of a reason for this or know of a possible cause, or at least also experiencing this issue.

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We also are not able to mention any external user added to a shared channel.

Seems we can mention external users in a shared channel on the phone, Windows Teams mention still not working here, seems it is a issue with the app itself?
Ours was working in the app for a while but has now stopped working and only lets us tag if we use the web version of teams.
Testing this again and it appears to be working OK now, even under the normal desktop client.
Indeed, it started working for us aswell!