@ mentioning for guests users in Teams

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Does anyone know how to enable @ mentioning for guest users in MS Teams so we can collaborate on MS Word docs within the Team?  The guests users are all in the MS Team already as guests and I can @ mention them in the 'posts' section but can't collaborate on document.


This really hampers working in MS Teams and makes me go to Google each time I need to collaborate with guest users and therefore prevents me from making the most of MS Teams.


Thank you :smile:

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@LisaKerr Hello, I think you have to use the "conversation button" in the menu bar to @mention your guests. Other than that there's no problem co-authoring with guest users.





For reference Document collaboration and co-authoring (microsoft.com)

It's a known limitation:
@mentions does not work with guest or external accounts (you cannot @mention such accounts nor can such accounts @mention in files outside of their tenant).


Please vote: https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback/idea/40e2deee-f543-ec11-a81a-0022484e21f1