@Mention a user who is NOT in a Team

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We have several teams within our organization.  Sometimes a Team A will need to notify or work with another employee who works in Team B.  The Team B member does not need to permanently belong to Team A, just participate in a discussion from time to time. 


How do you @mention an employee, not in that team?

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You can't, it's limited to the Team's members.

Does anyone know if there is a planned change?  This is limiting to have a public team and not be able to mention another employee without first adding them to the team.  

one way is to do a direct chat with a specific person

I just turned Teams on this very morning and need to immerse myself in the how-tos, so I don't know if this can be done, but when you add in the Yammer tab to the Teams channel, could that bring in the employee (if you had the Yammer group built with the employee added) to the discussion? 

Dusting this off post, we've just come upon this requirement, and disappointed to see it isnt a feature yet. I can't find anything that says it is something they are working on though on the roadmap. Anyone have any information if this is on the radar?


Would love to get some upvotes / traction on this: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/32535259--mention-like-yammer


Thank you for posting the user voice URL, @Brent Ellis - If others feel the same, please go to the URL & vote it up.

I just voted - it would certainly make sense to me to be able to @mention any user in a Public team.
Conversely, I would not expect to be able to do this in a private team (or indeed in a private channel in a public team - if private channels become a thing in the future).

And Microsoft rejected it without any reason ... :(

This is such an important feature. Any news yet??

Quite a limitation! I would find it very useful.