Mein MS Teams ist verschwunden

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Hallo, seit heute ist mein MS Teams nicht mehr zu finden. Ich habe eine kostenlose Version heruntergeladen und damit ein paar Tage gearbeitet. Wollte es zum Schluß auch in Outlook einbinden und als ich es jetzt öffnen wollte war es von meinem Rechner verschwunden.


Es liegt nicht mehr in der Startleiste und 

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You mean you can’t find the app on your computer? Have you tried installing it again?


@adam deltinger 


Same problem here.

A colleague used first the free version of Teams.

Later, we bought Office 365 for him.

After installing, the calendar did not appear in Teams.

Office 365 uninstalled, restarted system, installed it again.

Teams can neither be found under "Apps" nor under "Start".

Downloaded Teams separately, tried to install, error message "Teams is already installes on this computer".

No idea what to do now.


@K_W_2310 Hi, what subscription did you purchase? You need to have a subscription with Teams that includes an EXO license/mailbox for the complete Teams calendar experience. Teams free has a calendar icon but the scheduling process is not the same as there's no EXO mailbox behind the scenes.


Try this for the reinstall Unable to login even after reinstall - Microsoft Tech Community



We bought a business subscription for Office 365.

All other colleagues (about 20) do not have this problem with Teams.

@K_W_2310 Try the solution in the link above.