Meetings showing in Chats Feed - how to disable this?

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Recently all TEAMS meetings which had a chat associated to them keep in my Chats history - which is annoying as I only want to see chats/people - not every single meeting I have attended.

Does anyone know how to take this feature off?

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Hi @Daphnebaker ,

This is the behaviour of Meetings that are scheduled outside of a Team, so when you schedule a Teams meeting you have the option to associate with a Team. Those that are Teams meetings but not associated with a specific Team are located within Chat.

Just to put it out there some people like this as a means to collaborate externally, without the need to switch tenants from within the Teams client.

So I think rather than focus on turning this off, I would either ensure your meetings are bound to the channel of a Team or within the Chat area just select the Chat and execute the following option:


Mute will stop you getting notifications of additions.

Hide will remove from view until such a time you initiated a chat against this meeting again.