Meetings Scheduled via MS Teams have no "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" links and can't be joined

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Does anyone have the same question / issue? 



  • Logged in to MS Teams Desktop version using Global O365 Admin account. Tried other accounts as well.
  • Calendar button > New Meeting
  • Specify time, date of the meeting
    • Specify the meeting to start in 5 min / in the past / in 1 hour / next day (tried all of these options with the same result)
    • Invite attendees / external / internal / no guests (tried all of these options with the same result)
  • Click Save


Expected behavior

  • Calendar view > created meeting must have a "Join" button
  • Outlok > Calendar view > open a meeting > created meeting must have a Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link


Actual behavior

  • Calendar view > created meetings have no Join button
  • Outlok > Calendar view > open a meeting > created meeting have no  "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" links

No Join Button.png


Oulook - no link.png

I could swear I was able to schedule Teams meetings via MS Teams and it there expected behaviour applied. but today I have noticed that it's not working any longer.

Interestingly, I can schedule Conference MS Teams meetings via Outlook Desktop and Outlook Browser version. 



Outlook meeting.png


Can someone shed some light on this issue? Is it normal? Am I missing something?


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@Denis Molodtsov  I am also having the same issue . I don't see the links getting generated so that I can share by email to others to join as guest. I am trying to do for local meetup .

@Denis Molodtsov 

I am having the same issue. I can schedule a teams meeting from my outlook desktop and it will automatically generate a link with the phone number and conference id.


But it won't through the online version. What happens if I'm not at my desktop computer and need to schedule a teams meeting. I need both ways to list the phone number and conference id.

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@Denis Molodtsov 

I see this is a bit old, however no solution has appeared, so I'll atleast post my work around.


I've ran into the same problem since being back after summer break.

I'm certain in the spring we were able to create a solo meeting and send out the link, however now, within Teams, you HAVE to invite one other attendee in order for the join link to appear (as well as Meeting Options).

It's not perfect, but I've been adding my personal e-mail to all of the meetings I create so that the Join link appears.


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 While creatin meeting via outlook, just click on Teams meeting option, it will create a link to join the meeting.



Click on Teams meeting ot

This might be because there must be someone added to the "required attendees" field before a meeting link is generated. If no one is added, a calendar event will get generated but there will be no meeting. If someone is added then the meeting invite will get sent with a link to a teams meeting. 



The issue is that when they click the New Teams Meeting a meeting is create, but with no link to join.  Have you seen this issue? 

@Drea3000 : Had the same issue. Solution in German is to allow "Anwendung automatisch starten" = "autostart?" and "Anwendung im Hintergrund öffnen" = "allow opening in the background?" by choosing the correct parameter in the options of the Teams App. Then restart Windows and hey presto, the link is working again, Took me 2 days to find out...