Meetings Rooms in Teams User Activity Data (Meetings Organised vs Meetings Participated)

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I tried searching for this questions on the forum but haven't been able to find anything related to Meeting Rooms (MMRS).
We got few Meeting Rooms (MMRS) setup in business which helps us to collaborate with clients and attend meetings and I wanted to check if we are getting enough usage out of them for the investment we made.
I see there are 2 data points in Teams User Activity export which gives information on Meetings Organised vs Meeting Participated. Usually, when you want to attend a meeting from these rooms I need to book, and they get recorded in Meetings Organised but what about Meeting Participated? Usually, you can go in and plug the cable and start the meeting from the room and I think they will show up in Meetings Participated. We have 2-3 boardrooms where you can't go just to attend the meeting, but it is still showing Meetings Participated > Meeting Organised.
Can someone tell me on what basis the Meeting Participated is calculated on or what does that actually mean in this scenario?

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