Meetings - participants that declined are still being notified of meeting chat messages

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We're facing a quite annoying problem with Teams meetings that causes all participants that were invited - irrespective of their response (unknown, decline, tentative) - to be brought into the meeting chat when the organiser begins the meeting and types in the chat box. We're getting a lot of users being confused as to how they ended up in a meeting chat and getting annoyed about chat notifications. Imagine how bad this is when you schedule a meeting for 'all' staff.



1 - Schedule meeting "Test meeting" in outlook or teams and select multiple participants - either through a distribution group or one by one

2 - Have one of the requested participants 'Decline' the invite

3 - Begin the meeting as the organiser

4 - Write 'Hi folks' in the meeting chat

5 - The person that declined the invite then get's a notification for 'Hi folks' for the meeting chat of "Test meeting"


 They then need to leave the meeting or mute it.


Has anyone else had this and got any fixes or workarounds? Currently for large meetings, we're copying a link from another meeting and pasting it in the the invite in outlook so neither Teams or Outlook realises that it's a Teams meeting.

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POV: Nearly 3 years later and it's still happening....did I miss an update to stop this? @Chris Webb 

No.  It is still a problem; only MS pulled an IBM.  It was declared a feature.


The problem is a Teams Channel was named as a participant so anyone that is a member of the Channel continues to get the chat / notices.  Technically, it is considered User Error.  The Channel should not be a participant of the meeting.  And the only one that can remove the Channel is the organizer of the meeting, who wanted the channel to participate. 



Q: How many IBM engineers does it take to change a light bulb?

A: None.  They change the definition of darkness and issue it as an upgrade.

I've thought about this a bit... workarounds-wise but haven't tested.

So if it's a large format meeting, like a town hall with all staff- the meeting chat could be disabled when it is set up, in the meeting options and the Q&A app could be used.

What a joke.... it is so frustrating to hear this continues.  Thank you for the update @Ray_Watters 

@Chris Webb 

This issue is still occurring and it's not a Teams channel meeting.

Still happening. I work for a globally distributed team, and I get alerts in the middle of the night. I’m often wearing my Apple Watch, and I get buzzed for every post in a meeting I declined. Absolutely maddening.

How do I disable this? My leadership is getting flooded with ALL THE DECLINES and if I send out the invites... .they should only go to me. This is proving very frustrating for my boss.@Dawg89