meetings organized report wrong


Hello ,

i was trying to view how many meetings occurred this month , so i went Teams admin ... Analytics % Reports ... Report Team Usage ... Date Range set to 30 Days ... 

Ok so now in the web version of the report i can clearly see 128 Meetings Organized.

So i downloaded the report and calculated the Column " Meetings Organized " and i saw only 26

what is going on ? i wonder if all other column show wrong data also ... which one is more reliable ? the web version or the CSV downloaded version ?


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@robert_robert - I'd check to see if the report downloaded is filtering or grouping in any different way / like total meetings on one side vs total meetings organized by person (IE one person may have scheduled 30% of them).  You should see the same data sets, but perhaps organized differently.


Here is a breakdown of the analytics from that view:



@Josh Leporati oh thats helpful info ... but i want to check the total number of meetings regardless if someone organized more than one or not ... where do i see that 

the exported Data are different then the data on the Web interface ... i need someone from Microsoft to explain this ... for example i have 119 meetings organized on the web ... but when i export them i get 26 Meetings organized only ... whats going on?