Meetings keep disappearing from teams Calendar

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Hi all, 


I've recently started  using Teams and I have beein experiencing a partcitularly unpleasant issue. 


I am using Teams on Windows desktop PC, and I also have a mobile version on my iPad, which I use as well. 

After creating a new meeting on my PC, it appears in my Calendar (both on my PC and iPad), but stays there only 2-5 minutes, after which it dissappears completely from it. The ppl invited confirm that they can see the meeting I created in their calendars, but there is  no meeting in mine. 

I do, however, still have the info about the meeting (date, time etc) in the team's publications chat (i.e. the chat inside the team i've invited). 


It's not that critical for sure, since i can still see details of the meeting in the chat, but my Calendar is blank, so it's really frustrating. 


Any ideas? 


P.S. I also have two iphones which i never use to work in Teams (maybe it's important), but all my devices (2 iphones, ipad, windows PC) are synchronized. 

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Does this happen when you schedule a meeting only in your desktop client?

Using multiple devices should afflict this in any way.

Only you that have this issue?

@adam deltinger 

I schedule meetings from my desktop, yes. 


It seems to me only I have this problem. Everyone else in my department doesn't lose their meetings in their calendars. 

Having the same issue here... Seems to be related to the channel I am creating the meeting into. Did you figure it out in the end?



I have exactly the same trouble on Windows10. This trouble started from June 8, 2020. 

Before that, it was comfortable to use TEAMS calendar. 

This trouble has no error message, only meeting schedules are disappearing on my TEAMS calendar.

On other one's PC, they can see the  meeting schedules, which I have set as  organizer,  on their TEAMS calendar 

With both of the TEAMS app and the browser version TEAMS, I met same trouble.

I change from the Desktop to Laptop (Surface Pro), NO different.

If others set the meeting as  organizers, no problem, I can see the meeting schedule on calendar.

When I set the meeting without channel, no problem.




No one can resolve it ? @Hiro1962 

@Hiro1962  Is this still happening to you?  This started happening to one of our faculty.  It is VERY odd... 


please can you confirm if you can see those meeting on your outlook calendar also confirm if this occurs on Teams on the web if it does you might have meeting item which is in excess on your calendar and might need to purge you, Calendar also what is the structure of you exchange change is it a hybrid deployment

@timi_ola   The meetings that disappear off of the Teams calendar in five or ten minutes still do still show up in the Outlook group calendar.  We could see the meeting on Teams web and it also disappeared from there, but the user is using the Teams app.  Yes, this is a hybrid deployment, but this mailbox and all of the mailboxes are long moved so I should research how to change that.   I watched the user create a test Teams meeting and while they were sharing the screen the meeting just disappeared.   It is very strange that only one user is reporting this behavior.  


@Cimedaca I have this problem, I can actually sit and watch them disappear before my eyes. They also do not populate into my Outlook Calendar. I have also had teams meetings disappear where I have been the invitee and accepted the invite.

@Cimedaca We have not yet resolved this problem.  TEAMS schedule calendar has no meaning. I use google calendar as meeting scheduler, and  I always go back to TEAMS channel, when we have the meeting. 





I had his same issue today.  Meetings that I set up in a Teams channel disappear from my Teams calendar.  They show up as text in the meeting chat which is great, however they missing from my personal calendar on my Outlook calendar (as well as the Teams calendar). They only show up in the group calendar, though I do not have a group calendar for every Team. Fortunately, it shows up in the calendars for everyone I put in the invite bar.  Has anyone found any information on this issue?

We are using Office 365 (no hybrid arrangements) and while we have channels set up we've noticed for some users a meeting invite can disappear after being accepted from the Calendar even if drafted from Outlook as a normal non channel/team invite and converted to a Teams meeting.  It's not every time, it's not every user.  However, one commonality we've noticed is a mixed Environment of Teams and mail sync being on an apple device laptop or tablet and Teams and Outlook being on a Windows 10 device for the users impacted.  I'm most suspicious of when the calendar invite is accepted on an Iphone via the mail app.  I do believe (not with 100% certainty) the meeting invite will show up briefly on all calendars but then later may disappear.


Bit of a while goose chase ~ but I think it might have something to do with a mixed OS device sync environment.

I have at least two people reporting the 'disappearing' meeting. Today I observed as one just vanished.
1. Meeting scheduled in Channel, invitations sent and properly appeared on channel members calenders. However, I watched as the meeting originally displayed on the Organizer's calendar, and then after a few minutes, just disappeared. The meeting notice was still posted in the channel, channel members retained their invitations and calendar entries. BUT the Organizer is left with nothing on the calendar.


Then created a meeting on the calendar, added a channel, and it saved and did not disappear from the Organizer's calendar.


It would be very helpful to ALL of us that are reporting a very similar issue to get some indication of what is occurring so that we can find a work-around.

I believe both are using the Teams app on Macs.
Not quite, I'm having the same issue on Windows 10. Meetings disappear when created in a Teams Channel.

Hi All, I use Teams for work and personal with my wife and friends. The disappearing calendar APP happens on my Macbook, my wife's Macbook, and my Windows 10 computer and my iPhone. I can add the app but as soon as I click the chat or activity icon it disappears from the bar on the left, very annoying. I work in ICT so have it on my work laptop as well but it's fully integrated with everything I use as it's our entire phone system. My home installed Version is 1.4.007174 (64-Bit) last updated 3/25/21 if I log in with my work account it's fine but with my personal MS account, it disappears. Even on my work laptop if I switch accounts it disappears. So it seems to only happen with NON-work accounts. I use MS for everything and have done it since the old days. I still use my email address. :)

@vladimir_msk Hello I have figured out a work around for this issue.  You are going to go to your profile in the top right corner where it has your initials or photo.  then press Settings.  On this page there will be a language section and you want to switch your App Language to English (United Kingdom).  Then press save and restart and it will restart the application and make Saturdays appear again!  It will also make the first day of the week Monday. 

I have the same issue. I change the language. Still may calendar is empty.@violetk