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Hi Community,


Outcome from my one month calling and chatting with hundreds of men hours and yet my problem not resolved. Just now, spoke with Wendy i think. She has confirmed with me that "Microsoft teams for free" can be able to see the meetings icon on the left panel regardless of the domain email i use.


She cannot assist me further because she is not in Teams and not subject matter expert.


A few of outcome i gathered during this stress full trials to get to the expert from Microsoft on this problem.

1) need to get teams to troubleshoot-but how can i do so. No way, i can reach to A person
2) need to get my domain updated on something which i cannot get what exactly needed to be updated


I have tried using web, other devices, but it is still the same.


Just to confirm, i am not in an organisation or company. So i do not need to purchase for business 365 as per advise by the customer service.



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What do you need assistance with? If you are looking for a complete calendar (to the left in the navigation bar) in Teams it will not be there using Teams free. But you will see the calendar icon and be able to schedule meetings.





Tq for replying.

I cannot even see the meetings button. Hence, i cannot create meetings.


I need an assistance on how to be able to see the meetings button please.



Which icons to the left do you see?
Have you tried manually signing out and back in again (top right corner).
Same behavior in desktop app and online?

As the link in the previous reply shows the meeting setup differs from when using Teams with a full subscription.



Icon as per attached.


Yes, i have signed out and signed in.


I also used laptop and mobile, resulted the same.



So, you have created a Teams free org. but cannot see the meeting/calendar icon to the left, correct?

If so, I’ve never seen that issue before. That is since they released that feature in Teams free. As there isn’t any Teams admin center when using Teams free one cannot verify the settings either.

As far as I know the only ”solution” in this case would be to create a new Teams free org. as there’s no official support for Teams free.



Until yesterday, i still reach out to Microsoft support to assist me regarding the issue. One of them asked me to do troubleshoot myself and gave me a link to admin center. However, once i clicked the link, i do not have permission to enter.


Sorry, but you don't have access to the Teams admin center.

The account credentials you used to sign in aren't authorized to access this website. Make sure you're using the right account and that you have correct permissions. Learn more

Organization ID: a03a6885-2d5e-49a9-bbcc-408fcd6efe9b
Correlation ID: d09afc85-02e0-4b68-b3dc-c7a4d8a1dbbd
Time stamp: 2020-11-24T11:35:42.3332067Z


second option to download team for free a new one, i cannot use this same email because i have registered the email address. I cannot delete this either. My objective is to use this email domain for my meeting and to be able to create meeting.


one of the support ask me to go to outlook and enter teams from there. But when i go to outlook, tehre is no Teams icon


Thanks. Hopefully somebody else will assist me as well

1. There is no Teams admin centre using Teams free.

2. This is how you delete a Teams free org.

3. You probably have to create a new account and set up a new Teams free org.