Meetings and Calls notifications muted but still displaying

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We've tried using the new feature in Notifications for Meetings and Calls to block notifications while in a meeting or a call. We've turned this on then tried calling while in a meeting (created in Outlook). The status in Teams changes to In a Meeting. When making a test call, the notification pops up and the call rings despite having Mute notifications during meetings and calls turned on. 


Is there something more we need to do to get this feature to work? 

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Hi @KimBateman These unverfied articles have instruction you might want to review: Teams: Disable All Chat Notifications During Meetings - Technipages


How to turn off Teams popup notifications and sounds? |


Others in this community may have troubleshooting tips.



Thanks for the workaround info, Therese. We're really hoping to get the new Notifications for Meetings and Calls to work as documented.