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Dear Community, we are using Teams for on-line lectures. This means I have to setup the meeting with only selected presenter allowed, so I must use general meeting without linking a specific team. However, it would be very useful to have the chat, files etc. available later on in the posts of the subject-specific Team... Any ideas how to make this work?

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When setting up the meeting within a specific channel, you can edit your meeting select meeting options, and choose the presenters as shown below.


Screenshot 2020-09-24 at 19.18.34.png


If I have understood the requirement correctly, I think this should achieve what you are looking to do?





Unfortunately, that is exactly the problem = it is not possible to assign specific presenters for channel meetings, see below:






Ah OK I am with you now.  I didn't drill down further and actually try it.  


Looks like we can expect it to come at some point though.  


Also, if you want to vote for this feature, you could look to see if there is an existing User voice for it at and if not, you could start one yourself.

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@MarRez Hello, the ability to select specific presenters isn't yet available for channel meetings. But you can choose the other options.