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I hope someone can help me out with this as I am quite stumped atm.  I was forwarded an email containing a teams meeting invite.  It turned out that I was late arriving for the meeting as everyone else who received their invite got the correct start time - mine was showing a start time 30 minutes later than everyone elses's!  Of course it was embarrassing as I tried to explain that my invite time was wrong, but a series of screenshots showed that what seemed to happen was that the time changed after it was sent to me.  Sounds pretty implausible to me but that's what I'm being told.  Crazy huh?

Does anyone know how this could possibly have been due to some technical glitch or would a more simple answer be that it was a mistake made by the colleague and they were to embarrassed to admit to it?! :)

Many thanks for your input

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@Mick_W If they truly forwarded the meeting invite to you (as in clicked the forward button), then I do not believe its even possible to change the start time of the meeting.


If on the other hand they copied the meeting join information into an email, and sent you that ad-hoc whilst defining the meeting time themselves (or some other manual process outside legitimate use of the forward button), then I'd be inclined to agree that they've made a faux pas.



@Ben DonaldsonIt wasn't an email that they had written stating the start time, it was the regular teams invite.  The colleague shared a screenshot of the invite they received and there in black and white was the earlier start time.  They said they just forwarded it over to me and it *somehow* when it arrived in my inbox the start time had miraculously changed.  Sounds very off to me, but would there even be a way to change it before forwarding it on, either by mistake or intentionally?  Not sure if I should post copies (even redacted ones) on here, but I could PM some screenshots if you would let me know what you think.  It's important to me to get to the truth about what has happened and why and I do appreciate your help with this.

30 minutes off sounds like a timezone issue to me. P
Specifically with I India.

@Mick_W No, only the meeting organizer can change the time, so providing they simply clicked the forward button then it wouldn't have been caused by the forwarding user.


Maybe that a freak sequence of events including the rescheduling of the meeting by 30 mins, your acceptance, the time of the forwarding, and the forwarder accepting the updated meeting time... all in a particular order? I just had a quick play and wasn't able to reproduce it in any way though.


Much like Cleopatras tomb, maybe a mystery that will never be solved.... you're not missing anything obvious though on a technical front. If it was time zone related I'd expect it to be reproducible. 

Thanks for your message but this was in the UK ...
Thank you for your input

You may be right in saying that this will never be 'solved'

It's looking like nobody is going to own up to anything they may or may not have done so we can only speculate I guess