Meeting scheduled in Teams not appearing in Outlook calendar

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I scheduled a meeting in Teams but the meeting was not added to my Outlook calendar (even though it was added to the invitees calendar) - is this expected behaviour? 

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No, that is not expected. When you schedule a meeting from the Meetings app in Teams you should see it in your Outlook calendar too.

Do you have your mailbox hosted in Exchange Online or Exchange Server?
No, it should be added! Was it a private or a channel meeting?
Can you see the meeting in Teams under meetings?
Hi Linus, thanks for your quick reply. I'm not entirely sure about the hosting - judging by the account settings > server config ( I think it's Exchange Online?
Weirdly, the meeting _does_ appear in my Outlook App (Android) and in Outlook online. I should've mentioned at in the OP - the issue i'm having is in Outlook for Mac v16.26 (19060901) so maybe it's specific to that?

@James Whitmarsh Yes, that is Exchange Online.


Can you check in Outlook Web App if you see the meeting there?

Yep, I can see it in the Teams web app.

@James Whitmarsh Then I guess there is some sync problem with your Outlook client.

@James Whitmarsh Looks like there is an update for your Outlook to version 16.27.0.

Thanks Linus - I've installed that but there's no difference (I created a meeting to test). Having mentioned it to my team, other people have experienced the problem and after some time it just started working again, so I'll just wait and see!

@James Whitmarsh Has this been solved yet? It has only just started happening to me - running outlook 16.35 (pretty sure it was ok before that) also on the Mac. 


Calendar entry in Office 365 online ok but not in the Outlook client.  Email sync etc all working ...


Anyone know the solution?

Same with me.....just installed Teams and doesn't reflect my Outlook contacts or Calendar

Many of my students profiles dont reflect the scheduled meetings on their calendar i created although its showing on my calendar. Is the syncing process taking more time than usual from microsoft side or is it a bug? It works fine for some subejct schedule meetings i set but not for others. @jonjacobson 

Assuming you already figured this out. But MSFT solved my question in this article.

Basically, the channel exists without the participants; the meeting is for the channel, not participants; only participants have a calendar; thus channel events don't appear on participants calendars unless specifically called out. 


I think this is extremely short sighted and not people / user friendly. 


Tk u for sharing this.

We have same issue. one Teams meeting didn't show in calendar. others are fine.

I don't think the OP refers to a channel meeting, but a simple meeting scheduled in Teams that does not appear in its own Outlook client.

@TechBoy9Same issue here, teams meeting invite shows in OWA but not in the outlook client. So the user has to check either teams or OWA to see if he/she received a meeting invite.....  Any solution(s) yet ?


Indeed, same issue here.

@Dirkel-be Same here - meetings scheduled in a Teams channel don't appear in the group calendar. So there's no way to display upcoming events in either a list or calendar format, which renders Teams pretty worthless to us. We're on Exchange server not online, if that makes a difference. Leave it to Msft to screw up something so basic.