Meeting room device security

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We are planning to set up a meeting room device running MS Teams Room. I have few questions concerning device security.
a. Can I install antivirus software on top of the underlying Windows 10 IoT OS?
b. Can I replace the underlying OS and teams with our own supplied os image.


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Note: Please advise incase this is not the correct forum concerning teams device security.




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a) Yes, you can have AV products on the room system device.


b) Yes, you could replace the OS by your own image. See the requirements from here: Microsoft Teams Rooms requirements. But you also wrote: "...and Teams..", not sure if you really meant to replace the Room System client as well. That you are not able to impact. Here is some instructions:

Microsoft Room System: Deployment overview 

Manually update a Microsoft Teams Rooms device  

Thank you @Petri X , for your response,

Do we use a different version of MS Teams on the meeting room devices than what we use on our laptops for communication? If so, can you please direct me to the relevant artifacts?

We plan to use a company-provided version of the MS Teams.

Another question I have is if we can disable the dial-in option available on the screen?

t s ghosh


Yes, Teams client used on the MTR is UWP app, coming from Microsoft Store.


Take a look these Google Searches: Microsoft Room System images.

Thank You

@t_s_ghosh Regarding changing the OS from the OEM supplied image, you might get issues with the OEM and Microsoft supporting you.  All OEM images are validated and certified.  What's the reason to use your own image?  Many enterprises I know just run their install script to join it to the domain, add their AV etc, just minimal changes.  These devices are appliances not laptop/desktop PCs.