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I have been trying to setup my off-premises Teams to display our meeting room availability when users try to book it for a meeting. I have added this meeting room as a resource on Office 365 backend but still doesn't show its availability when someone try to book a meeting nor a warning if two meetings are overlapping the time of usage.


Any thoughts?

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@Thianes Hi, you need to configure some prerequisites as described here Requirements to create and view meetings for mailboxes hosted on-premises

Hi @ChristianJBergstrom!
I read this article that you shared but it refers to mailboxes hosted on-premises but we currently have our mailboxes being hosted with GSuite. I created four meeting rooms in the Office 365 backend and now they have an off-premises mailbox in Exchange. I still can't see any of them when I'm trying to schedule a meeting with Teams.
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Sorry, thought you were on Exchange on-premises, because Teams and Exchange are depending on each other. It's a prereq
Since it's a pre requisite, I'll migrate our mailboxes to Exchange Online to make this to work.
Thank you for your help @ChristianJBergstrom