Meeting recurrence options

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When setting up a meeting, there is the option for reoccurrence. 
As it stands, it is daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and custom.
Custom is what I use, as I set up meeting with students and my classes.
However, I'm wondering if there could be the option to have an extra options on this reoccurrence tab? Either unique to the user or, as we have here, a business wide option
For me, the these would be Semester 1, Semester 2 and Academic year. They have very distinct start and end dates, and are the same for everything I do.
This would then cover the working period and save the need to have to set up custom each time.
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@GerNagle Hi, have a look at Teams UserVoice to see if something similar is already there. Then vote for it to stay updated when/if it will happen. You can also create your own if you don't find a match.


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