Meeting recordings retention

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How can we set a retention on Teams Meeting recordings and Live Event recordings?

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Meeting recordings are saved to Microsoft Stream


Video is not covered in the Teams retention policy


At the moment, retention policies for video don't exist. There are uservoices open for retention policies on both the Stream Site


The Office 365 uservoice site


Let's hope they get picked up in the future. Stream is developing rapidly so it should be here sooner rather than later.


Hope that answers your question.


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@Christopher Hoard hey Christopher!  Just checking to see if there are any updates on this that you know of...since Microsoft is now migrating anyone still using Video to Stream I thought maybe there would be an update on retention policies in Stream.  I can't find any data...wondering if anyone else has any intel?  Thanks!

Hi @Ethan Stern 




@Marc Mroz any news on retention policies coming out for Stream in the near future? I myself am getting asked on this a lot. I would assume something is planned?


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard@Marc Mroz


Any update on this?  With the increase in Teams use, this is more important than ever!  There has not been anything mentioned on the UserVoice thread.

@Piret_Sp With Teams Meeting Recordings soon to be going directly to a Recordings folder in OneDrive or SharePoint, rather than Stream, there are possibilities of applying a Retention Policy to those locations.


However from my understanding a Retention Policy will have to apply to all of the content in the OneDrive, when ideally it could be applied to just the Meeting Recordings or the contents of the Recordings folder itself.   
Retention Labels could do that, but then have the side effect of then following the recoding when it  is moved somewhere more suitably permanent, such as to SPO. 

Anyone got any ideas?  

@Piret_Sp You can change place for storing recordings from Stream to OneDrive using :

Set-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy -Identity Global -RecordingStorageMode "OneDriveForBusiness"  cmdlt

and then set retention policy for OneDrive.