Meeting recordings and guest on Microsoft Teams

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Myself as a guest with 2 other guests were in a meeting which was being recorded on MS-Teams. The host was screen sharing mostly if that matters. When accessing the recording on MSTeams (desktop client) through the Microsoft Streams website, I get an error message as "That video couldn't be found. The content may have been removed."


Through the mobile client, I get the error message as "Invalid authentication token". This is same for all other guests.


Is accessing meeting recordings as guest prohibited?


As the host is a very busy person and has a slow internet connection it wouldn't be sensible for us to ask him to download it and upload hours long recording somewhere.


Is there any other workaround for the host to share the recording with the guests (with different email domains)?

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Stream is for now only internal and guests don’t have a stream license. You can download it yourself and post it in the Team or upload it to any other streaming service
That's a bummer :(

Its a really Bummer this situation.
We did a training with people from other company. All the sessions was recorde, now we can share automaticly we the people present in the training. 

@Pedro_Falcao Microsoft is migrating Teams Recordings from Stream to OneDrive/SharePoint. It might take some time but sharing will be possible soon