Meeting recording - I did not receive the link by email

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On September 16, 2020 I recorded a meeting for my company as I always did and received the links by email, but on that specific day I didn't. What could have happened ? Is it possible to redeem this recording?


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Hi @fabianomichelino ,


Storage for meetings is set to change to OneDrive/SharePoint, however in the meantime and I am sure would be the case for the recording in question it will be stored in Stream, if it was captured.

So I would go to and see if it can be located from within there.





Hi @HenryPhillipsNimbitech ,


I checked all the options and it's not there. Every time I received the link from the stream and it didn't happen this time. I am absolutely sure that I recorded (started and ended) the meeting.

Since last week, January 24 on ward, I no longer receive an email with the meeting recording link.



Hi All,

We are not receiving the emails after the meeting so is it by design now?