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Hi Everyone


I recently started a new job and we have a fortnightly teams meeting, I am responsible for the recording. Themonth before I started they could not find the recording. The first month I did was fine. Then the next meeting the file never showed at the end of the chat. 

it was ok for the last couple months until this last meeting. The meeting started and I started and ended the recording. The file did not appear. I took my work pc home and logged in to see if it appeared however even the chat had then gone.


I have not been able to find the file. I read about it going to stream, share point or one drive. So I emailed my IT team they said we use share point but only they have access to it and they could not find the recording in it, but said that it’s was not fully intergrated yet.


so my two questions


1 - if you have no stream, share point or one drive where does the file go


2 - I don’t want this constantly happening can I set up my own storage independent of my employer  for the file to get saved to you?


many thanks for any help and if any clarification or further info needed just ask




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All meeting recordings in Teams are now stored in OneDrive and SharePoint Online. There is currently no way to change this. If you were the one who pressed the record button, the file is likely stored in your OneDrive. You can check if this is accessible by going to and selecting the OneDrive app on the left.
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Well, the file can be in OneDrive or can be in SPO depending on the kind of meeting. If the meeting took place in a Teams channel, the recording should be in the the Teams SPO site

thank you for your suggestions about one drive I will check when at work on Monday and if not contact IT and update you on if it was succesful