Meeting participant unable to take actions despite having control of the meeting

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When I am in a meeting with a particular participant and have shared my screen and given them control of the meeting, when they try to click on anything or make any changes to my screen nothing happens.


We are both using the Desktop app (windows) and have hardware acceleration enabled.


When the participant clicks on the three dots next to their profile picture and then goes to settings and then general, only the auto start application setting appears. All the other application setting options are missing. 


They have all the Windows recommended updates and a fresh Teams install. 

I asked them to refresh the graphics driver by pressing Win Cntrl Shift and B which they said they did but I’m slightly unsure they did it correctly. 

Any ideas what could be the issue?



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@IrfanaSaeed Are they using some kind of virtual desktop like Citrix or VMWare Horizon? Teams does not support give/take control on this type of client. The missing options to me might suggest it is a VDI client.

@StevenC365 Hi Steven, thanks for replying. No, they aren't using any kind of virtual desktop. Can you think of any other reasons for the issue?

Hi Are they in the same domain(tenant)?