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Hello to all.

I work in a college and we're using Teams for our formations.  But I have a problem when I try to schedule a meeting, only a few of my students is showing.  Here's what I do.

1. In Teams (locally), I go to Calendar.

2. I pick a date and an hour.

3. In the participant, I write "193xxxx" (that is a exemple of a student number).


The trouble is only a few of 193* is showing and not all my 193*.


Why is that ? 

Thanks to all !

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We are having an issue where a team member who is definitely not in the meeting is not showing under Suggested at the bottom of the participant list.  

This seems to be happening in the new Teams Preview version only, I am not sure if you are using that. It might possibly be a bug?

@denisharvey This is what I mean:



In the stable version the heading Others Invited, not suggestions.


Hope this helps.