Meeting Login Button not working - for Anonymus attendees

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i have setup that only loggedin User from my organisation can attend online meetings.

This is working so far.

After an anonymous user use the joinURL he get a info that he must login.
But the Login Button is not working in Chrome or Edge Browser. In Firefox it is working.

I used private mode so no Add In's are used that might block the button.

Do you have the same problem and know anyone where i should adress this bug?


See here the console message aand the complete Flow: 





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@Borsti26 this looks like it is a bug have you tried it on other machines with other users? Else I would create a ticket for it.



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@paul keijzers 

Hi, yes i used other maschines and also Chrome versions.

The user is always the same, "No User" because it is anonymous and not logged In ;)

Would be nice if you could open the ticket, because the users in our school are lost when there are at this point in meeting connection.


PS: i open also a Thread there, should i close it?