Meeting Links - Odd Behavior

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I am trying to mimic a virtual fair, including virtual vendor booths, patterned after the YouTube video 

Virtual Events in Microsoft Teams-MS OFFICE HOURS

I've created several virtual vendor booth 'meetings' and tried copying the 'Click here to join the meeting' links associated with each vendor booth meeting.  In testing, the links didn't always take me to the targeted vendor booth meeting, instead it appears to open a 'Meet Now' meeting?  I have been very careful and intentional when copying these links and can assure that I'm not copying the wrong link.  The only way I've been able to get this to work consistently is to copy the meeting details to a Word document, edit the hyperlink label from ''Click here to join the meeting' to something relevant to the vendor, then copy that from Word into my Main Event chat/program.  Is this a known issue?  Can anyone enlighten me as to why this is happening?  I'm stumped!

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That's a tricky one, and i've not been able to replicate the issue with links that you are reporting when I test this myself.  May be an idea to reach out to the folks who posted that video on YouTube and ask if it's something that happened to them?