Meeting keeps disconnecting when joing from iOS

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I’m having issue joining meetings in my Teams app “IOS device”, When I click join meeting it loads for 10 sec then it gives “ your call was disconnected”. The prompts me to Re-Join and the same happens again.

In those 10 seconds I am joined, Audio (both ways) are not working.


Issue only appears when Joining a meeting, calling and screen sharing are working perfectly

I tried to sign out and sign in again, deleted the app and installed again. But the issue not solved.


Please appreciate your assistance.


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@smahallawy, Did you find any solution for this? I am having exact same issue. Tried everything, but nothing helped. 

I am having the same issue. It started happening about 2 weeks ago. My workaround at the moment is to join the call on my cell. I am waiting for a permanent solution from my IT team. I will add an update if they can figure out how to fix it.