Meeting issues & Unable to login to teams

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Multiple issues here:


1) Initial Issue 1: There was an issue where when i click a ms teams meeting link created by others, i would be able to enter the meeting but would be alone while the rest who clicked the same link would all be in the room together excluding me. Initially my colleagues said it could be because of some IT security related restrictions from our company and ask me to try logging out and go in via browser but as soon as i go in to the meeting via the link (via browser this time) it goes in and drops. Even trying to go into the meeting via the Mobile phone Teams app couldn't get through. I gave up and used a phone call teleconference to get into a meeting.


2) Issue 2: Before logging out due the above, everything was fine but after the above, i tried to log back in and i could no longer login anymore, whenever i attempt to, it gives me an error saying "something went wrong" i tried signing in and out, restarting PC, uninstalling and reinstalling, disabled VPN, disable company network and use wifi hotspot and nothing works. However, on my phone ms teams i could login just fine.



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Hello, you should report this to your org. IT support / IT admins so they can open up a support ticket with Microsoft who can do a proper analyze of logs etc.