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Recently, my organization has been struggling with finding the best workflow to manage invites / notifications for reoccurring meetings. I was hoping to gain some insight for a workflow that will help us organize meetings for adding and removing new team members that limits notifying everyone when we add or remove someone. 

We have a channel meeting scheduled on the group calendar.  When someone is added to the Team, how can we add this meeting to their personal calendar in Outlook? Should we forward the meeting or should we rely on using the Office 365 group settings and 'Subscribe New Members' so they receive they receive the notification in their inbox? 

We have several reoccurring meetings that we add people to as they are join the organization or if members switch departments. It has been a struggle to limit unnecessary notifications for current attendees but also making sure new members will receive reminders for the meetings they are added to. 

When scheduling a channel meeting, should we add the team as an attendee? Will this notify new team members when they are added to the team for recurring meetings that were organized before they were added? or should we keep the attendees list blank, and then forward the meeting to new teams members? We are hoping to manage meetings invite via Team membership - If they get added to the team then they receive an invite to the meetings - I'm not sure if it works exactly like that. 

We have a mix use of teams with some employees - some will focus on Outlook only for all their upcoming meetings where others will use teams. Additionally, some are aware of the group calendar in outlook and how to add channel meetings to their personal calendar. 

The nuances of teams / Outlook has made this difficult to solve and I do apologize if this all over the place. We have been going in circles with trying to figure this out and I appreciate any advice :) 

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I'm having the same challenge. I've got about 20 users in a public channel with the Teams calendar installed as a tab. I schedule meetings for them in the channel calendar, which adds the channel name to the meeting invite in a special field just above the location field. This adds a post to the channel as well, which my participants can see. It does not send an Outlook invite to them, and so they may not see it in time if they are more focused on Outlook than on Teams.
I know I can get a link to the meeting from the channel and share that. I am looking for a way to get a link or exported file which, then clicked, adds the meeting to their Outlook calendars. Does anything like that exist?