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Steve Huffman
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I have a team across multiple organizations working on an implementation project.  In MS Team I have a channel for each area involved on the project so that each group has a focused area to work but it is also visible to the whole team.  I want to schedule a meeting with just a couple of the technical resources to go over project timelines for a particular deliverable.  When I schedule the meeting, I only invite the individuals I want to be a part of the meeting, however it sends the invite to the whole group.  I want the meeting to show on the team calendar so that the whole group can see the activities that are taking place across the project, but I only want the invite to go to the specific individuals I invited and not the whole group.  Is this possible?  If not, are there plans to implement this type of functionality?

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Not yet.

within Teams you are creating an invire to the meeting, so when the group used by the Team is invited this is exapnded to all the members.


if you went to the groups calendar you could create a meeting just in the calendar, and invite the 2 people you want, but currently there's no way to create this as a Teams meeting.

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