Meeting Invite marked as Spam

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We have been informed from our customer that our Meeting Invite marked as Spam.

What can we do that this does not happen?

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@Milan295 Hello, would you mind elaborate please. Is it all Teams meeting invites from your org. users to this customer? Does it only happen with this particular customer? Do the invites get marked as spam for all users at the customers site or is inconsistent per user?

@ChristianBergstrom personal invites with user email are all okay, it just happens with a team calendar invites sent with team group email address e.g.

@Milan295 Sorry for the late reply. You could use the message header analyzer to see what's triggering the classification and take it from there.

@ChristianBergstrom hmmm... from sent or from received message and the next question how to get those headers?

@Milan295 Hey, provide the link to your customer and let their admins do it.


Having the same problem. Anyone sent an invite to a meeting with an email address outside of 'known emails' on teams is going straight to junk. Horrible problem. Just ruined an important meeting for us.

@James_Towler what do you mean by 'known emails' ?

Anyone who we have on the system as member or guest - fine- and I know I never fished anything out of spam on my email account. But anyone who was external to our meeting- their invite went straight into spam

Has anyone resolved this? I am seeing the same behavior. Event Registration emails from my own Teams environment to me going to spam.

@Steven Collier any update on this, it is very important that users receive the registration mail with .ics file. Now in our organisation these mails all are sent to the Junk mailbox?


These are the headers, anything we could do to make sure these mails are deliverd in the inbox?2022-05-13 11_35_16-Window.png

@Stig Vanmoerkerke If it's your exchange then you can control everything about how the anti-spam works. See Create safe sender lists - Office 365 | Microsoft Docs

thanks, i'll inform our IT department and ask them to review this