Meeting Invitation In Outlook Not Rendering Correctly

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I'm currently working on our customizing our Meeting Invitation, but I'm noticing when creating a meeting in Outlook that it looks totally different. If I look our Preview in the Teams Admin portal it should ideally look like the default and just for reference this: 




However whenever I click to create a New Teams Meeting in Outlook it renders to this: 





I tried adding the header URL thinking maybe it would rectify the issue, but it didn't. I have confirmed that this is happening on multiple clients with multiple users. I didn't see a setting in the Exchange Admin portal to modify this. Is there something I'm missing? 


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@EchoHomeCare Could your Outlook be set to use Plain Text format rather than HTML, under Outlook settings, Mail, Compose Messages in this format ?




Steven, the clients I have tested with have the setting to compose their emails in HTML rather than Plain Text. And verified when opening a new email it sets it to use HTML: 






Also to note that the Meeting Invitation is fine if I create it from Outlook Online. It is only happening when using the Outlook desktop client.

@EchoHomeCare There really isn't anything else you can configure. Teams deploys a plugin for Outlook that provides that feature, but it's updated and managed by Teams and in your example is clearly there and functioning.


If this is common to all machines for all users, maybe look to see if your network is blocking something I guess. I would check that Outlooks up to date and the Teams client is updating as expected. Maybe remove any other Outlook plugins incase there is a conflict.

Steven, thanks for your response I guess I will have to keep digging into the issue. I appreciate your support in the matter :)
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@Steven Collier, I actually found out what the issue was. In our environment we manage our Plugins for Outlook through GPO. So they have to be explicitly enabled. We didn't have the Microsoft VBA for Outlook Addin plugin enabled. After I enabled that plugin through GPO the meeting invitation started generating properly through the Outlook app.
Follow these steps: Repair your Outlook profile.

Repair your Outlook profile. In Outlook, go to File. Click the dropdown arrow next to Account Settings, and select Account Settings.
Create a new Outlook profile, and check if the meeting invitation is visible on the new profile calendar. Close Outlook.

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I know the post is a year old but I just wanted to say thank you! This was the same problem here, enabled Microsoft VBA and the Teams meeting invite is rendered correctly in Outlook.