Meeting in a channel

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How to schedule a meeting in side a private channel.


I am organizing a even where  in a particular team created multiple channels, and i want individual  channel members to join a meeting by scheduling and want to make on moderator who can go to join/monitor what is happening in all private channels


schedule is available in general  but not in private

Please help

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It's currently not possible to schedule meetings for private channels, despite this being one of the top items on UserVoice. You'll have to come up with a different solution, sorry.

@Vasil Michev This suddenly is available to me today and I have no idea how!  I've checked multiple times to make sure the channel is still private, which it is, but there's now a schedule option under "Meet".  I can also select the channels on the invite if scheduling from the calendar. Was there possibly an update just pushed out? 

Thank you for the response.