Meeting Expirations

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Hi folks,


I'm just about to let our users know about the meeting expiration in Teams on OneDrive/Sharepoint and was wondering if you could help me answer a question. 


We got the notification that this setting will take effect in January 2022. It seems it is enabled for us on our Global meeting policy. However, I just did a test meeting and went to my OneDrive and in the details pane for that file, no expiration date is show. It says doesn't expire. I'm a little confused by that. I thought this was in effect? I am an admin, haven't been able to test it with a non-admin account, if that makes any difference. 


Is this now in effect or not? The MS messaging didn't have an actual date on it as far as I can see. 

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AFAIK, Meeting expiration is already in effect.
Thanks Juan!

Oddly enough though when I record a teams meeting, and go check in OneDrive, it's set to Never Expire by default even though our Policy in Teams Admin states that it should expire after 60 days.

The same issue occurs in my tenant (located in Australia). We communicated to the business that there would be a default 60 day expiry, however when it finally rolled out, the Expiration Date field for new Teams meetings recordings is set to 'No expiration'. The default expiration time of 60 days is configured in our tenant, and there are no conflicting policies.



This is exactly my fear and why I have held off communicating anything. I really haven't bothered looking into this much again but will now that you posted the exact same thing I'm worried about. 


I haven't been able to find much more info on this this, will update this post if I do though. Thanks for posting!

where did you guys set this? where is this "notification"?

according to what I know, Teams meeting never expires unless in some special situation(not normal settings)
there is no settings about day either
MS don't know how to tell this story well, but to normal user+admin+settings, never expire
Hi @AnqB0VVRJMzsO6zV. For context, here is the MS article on this feature:

In Team Admin Centre in my tenant, under Meeting Policies > Global > Recording & Transcription, the Default Expiration Time is set to 60 days. When I record a meeting, it's saved to OneDrive > Recordings. Users are meant to be able to modify the expiration date via the recording's Details pane, but instead of being set at 60 days (as per the default) it shows 'No expiration' - hope this clarifies.
Thanks, that would be great! I'll post back here too if I find anything!
I think you are right about this meeting recording expiration
actually I was talking about meeting expiration(meeting,not recording), which is never expired

back to yours, how about your compliance
any policies you have set in the compliance center will take full precedence.
it should be the only thing auto override this auto settings



Thanks for you suggestion. I don't see any policies under Retention in the compliance center. Do you know where else I can look?